Individual Somatics Sessions

Individual Somatics sessions are available by appointment.

NOTEIf you prefer, individual sessions can be held via Zoom. Sessions will be similar to what is described below, with the main difference that we won’t be able to do interactive work. However, you can learn to help yourself via our Zoom sessions very effectively! More information on Zoom Somatics sessions


Individual sessions can be very helpful if you are experiencing pain or discomfort.  Common complaints that Somatics can help resolve are lower back pain, shoulder and neck pain, frozen shoulder, headaches, jaw dysfunction, discomfort with walking, balance difficulties, and postural distortions, among others.

Individual sessions are usually about an hour, though the first session is often a little longer.

During the session, I will evaluate your posture from several different angles. Then you will lie on a table (fully clothed). I typically continue the evaluation by moving your limbs in various ranges of motion to locate patterns of tension and ease with movement.

After the evaluation phase, I determine what in your postural pattern needs to be freed at this point in your process. Typically, you will lie on your back, stomach, or side, as I give you instructions for moving in specific ways that are designed to free your muscles. I will often provide some added resistance to your motion, which provides additional sensory information to the part of your brain that can release your muscles.

All movements are gentle and slow and are not painful. They can be done by anyone.exercise-in-individual-session-500x286

At the end of the session, I will usually give you one or more exercises to practice daily until your next session. The exercises are meant to reinforce the work we did in the session and help improve the connection between your sensory motor cortex and your muscles for more ease and voluntary control of movement.

Some things to note about individual sessions:

  • The fee for individual work is $70 per session. Sessions can be anywhere from 1 to 1½ hours, depending on what we are doing. The initial session is usually longer.
  • Wear clothing that allows you to move without restriction. Stretchy fabrics are excellent for this purpose.
  • Although you will be fully clothed, you will need to remove items like belts, ties, and jewelry that might restrict your motion.
  • It will save time if you can fill out some basic information about yourself before the first session. Click here to view and print the information form.
  • The days after an individual session can be very interesting, as you begin to catch yourself moving into and out of your habitual postures. Enjoy the process of discovery!
  • It is VERY IMPORTANT to plan to spend 5-10 minutes a day between sessions doing the gentle exercises I give you. This is a small amount of time for the benefit you will get!