Move into Freedom!

with Hanna Somatics®

Rochester Somatics offers classes and individual sessions in Hanna Somatics, as well as Essentrics exercise classes. Essentrics works to strengthen all the muscles in your body in a dynamic way and Hanna Somatics teaches you how to release chronic muscular tension so that you become more and more relaxed and easy in your body. 

Hanna Somatic Education is an investment in well-being for the rest of your life!


If you are feeling stiff  and sore and having difficulty moving with ease, Hanna Somatics can help!

Hanna Somatic Education (HSE) is a unique system of neuromuscular education (mind-body training) that helps you regain and enjoy more comfortable movement for the rest of your life, no matter how old or young you are. HSE teaches you how to use your own sensory awareness to release chronic patterns of pain you may have been holding in your body for years, due to injury, stress, repetitive motion, and habituated postures.

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